"I deeply believe that each one of
us has a special and unique mission or purpose to accomplish in this life."

This year, I celebrate over 38 years as a Rolfer.... that's over 30,000 Rolfing sessions! It has been my privilege to work with so many wonderful clients during this time... children, individuals, families, elderly as well as pets and animals of all varieties.

Hopefully, some of you who have found your way to this website are among those with whom I have worked. To you, I want to say "Thank you". My work as a Rolfer has been my life's passion and mission and I truly hope that this wonderful work has made a difference in your life as well.

I feel honored to have been part of the growth and development in your human potential. I invite you to help me celebrate my 30th Anniversary by dropping me an email . Please let me know how you are doing and how this work has made a difference in your life. This level of feedback will truly help me to further deepen the meaning and value of my own career. I hope you are all well, happy and healthy and I very much look forward to hearing from you.

To others, I hope this site gives you a good understanding of my work and how Rolfing can benefit you. I have tried to include not only basic materials for those just beginning to explore Rolfing, but also information and links for others who want to expand their understanding of the deep potential and wonderful possibilities that Rolfing can evoke in each person. I am particularly excited about my work with children, animals, leaders, artists, athletes and about generating new opportunities in education and research that will help to promote Rolfing and its effectiveness.

This 30th Anniversary gives me an opportunity to renew and regenerate the best of my skills, abilities, and interests and to take my practice to an even higher level of excellence. I look forward to sharing these with you.

Wishing you all your own personal victory over gravity!



  ©2011 Briah Anson