"Bodies need to lengthen and be balanced, and a balanced body will give rise to a better human being."
~ Ida P. Rolf, Ph.D.

"As parents you want to give your children the best start in life. Rolfing can help you do that.

Five year old Heather falls out of a tree. No bones are broken, so we think she's all right. But the fall has injured her by creating stress in the deep tissue layers of her back and a structural imbalance has also been started. As a teenager, she may feel the imbalance as a lack of grace. She may complain that she's "just not an athlete". As an adult her 'back' may plague her with constant aches and pains.

Little Tommy is afraid to go to school. He isn't sure he's as smart as the other kids. He begins to duck his head and hunch up his shoulders as a reflection of his fear and lack of confidence. After awhile, that hunched up position seems to get locked into his body. Even though he becomes more sure of himself in later years, the tightness in his body stays long after the reasons for it are gone. Tommy may carry that posture of frightened little boy into his adult life."

Rolfers can help children get free of tension and injury patterns before they become deeply engrained.

The Rolf Institute logo is a reproduction of actual before and after Rolfing photographs of four year old Timmy Barrett who was diagnosed with Leggs-Perthes disease in 1959.

Timmy's body segments are shown as building blocks to clearly demonstrate the striking structural changes in his vertical alignment following Dr. Rolf's sessions.

Timmy's mother made the courageous decision to choose the Rolfing process rather than following conventional medical practice. This would have required that Timmy be in a cast for five years followed by the possibility of his being in a wheelchair as a young adult.

Not only did Timmy continue to grow healthily and normally but he was able to participate in very strenuous and demanding physical activities. At age nine he began to learn and enjoy the sport of surfing. He continued surfing and won championships through high school and college. Today, Tim is a healthy, active forty-two year old professional carpenter living a full and healthy life with his wife and two children in Hawaii.

Today, Tim is a professional carpenter living a full and healthy life with his wife and two children in Hawaii.

©2011 Briah Anson