"Briah is a sculptor freeing spiritual, emotional and physical blockages, teaching her clients to seek greater self-awareness, to trust their bodies, and to actively participate in the rolfing journey."


A composite of thoughts from Briah’s clients & colleagues:

Briah’s philosophy of life and healing is truly embodied in her person and is felt as her hands gently encourage her clients to live in their bodies deeply and in alignment with their purest natures. Briah is a sculptor freeing spiritual, emotional and physical blockages, teaching her clients to seek greater self-awareness, to trust their bodies, and to actively participate in the rolfing journey.

Briah creates an environment which fosters safety, growth and positive change. She utilizes her rich background, bringing significant depth to her bodywork. She is able to connect with clients in meaningful and holistic ways, addressing needs and desires with her skills to produce desired outcomes.

Briah intuitively intertwines her healing spirit, intellect and hands with the body, mind, and spirit of the client. Briah works for what is best for her client, actively engaging and recommending other complimentary modalities. She shares helpful information about her work, her network, nutrition, or even a good place to purchase excellent shoes! Briah thrives on helping clients, both human and animal, make progress while bringing a spirit of adventure to her craft.

When you are working with Briah, she keeps focused on the present, opening doors for unfolding potential. She appropriately meets clients where they are, then paces them towards experiencing a deeper sense of self. This is the evolutionary piece of rolfing which differentiates Briah’s practice. Working with Briah is a life altering experience.

Words used to describe Briah, The Professional:

Powerful healer, integrity, wisdom, energy master, trail blazer, warm, intuitive, sincere, inquisitive, generous, committed, caring, energetic, knowledgeable, competent, practical, creative, gentle, dynamic, experienced, perceptive, inspired, gifted, committed master healer, honest, resourceful, collaborative, life-giving, observant, fearless, animal lover, engenders hope, problem solver, fluid, laser precise, encouraging, celebratory, unselfish, accepting, supportive, excited, aligned, continuous learner, zest for life


A composite of thoughts from Briah’s clients & colleagues:

Briah is witty, creative, versatile, direct and loving. She follows her dreams and is more than willing to share her ideas about life and the cosmos with those who are not faint of heart! She inspires balance and demands integrity in her friendships. Thankfully, her enthusiasm and energy for life is contagious!

Briah is both intuitive and inquisitive, willing to teach others what she knows and with what she is experimenting. Life force moves through Briah, opening her to possibilities and new ideas. She is a life long student of transformation.

Briah is passionate about her life, direct and honest with others, and has a great sense of humor and fun. Briah is a loving, loyal, and affirming friend, carefully listening to problems and actively celebrating joy and success. Briah comes from the heart and is truly a gentle soul.

Briah is dedicated to balance in life and work, having a strong personal vision and mission. She has a strong sense of purpose and social consciousness, exercising her spirituality in real, genuine, and generous ways.

Words to describe Briah, The Person:

Spontaneous, in touch with herself, sensitive, accepting, funny, aware, kind, excited, vibrant, caring, inspirational, empathetic, understanding, out-going, friendly, spiritual, warm, risk taker, effervescent, visionary, concerned, generous, fun loving, beautiful, insatiably curious, joyful, humorous, enlivening, patient, true blue, leader, adventurous, strong and strong willed, compassionate, extroverted, enthusiastic, sensual, dynamic, stimulating, non-judgmental, traveler, intelligent, determined, dependable, incredibly energetic, positive, creative

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