"Briah is a sculptor freeing spiritual, emotional and physical blockages, teaching her clients to seek greater self-awareness, to trust their bodies, and to actively participate in the rolfing journey."
CLIENT EXPERIENCE - Rolfing and Chronic Pain

Briah helped me overcome an extreme spinal curve from Scoliosis. When I first started seeing Briah, I had a one hundred and five degree curvature of my spine and back pain. I had consulted with an orthopedic surgeon who expected corrective surgery would decrease the curvature by no more than twenty degrees. After lots of collaborative work between Rolfing with Briah and the chiropractor, I was able to have a stunningly successful correction of forty degrees at age 25. The surgeon was very surprised by the result, but I have no doubt that Rolfing with Briah was largely responsible for this. After recovery, I have virtually no back pain and live a normal healthy life. Olivia D., November 2016

I came to Briah in 2011 after almost 20 years of back pain. I had been an athlete, dancer, and gymnast, and had on and off low back pain since my 20�s. After my third C-section, it became debilitating - a searing knife in my spine, hips and sacrum. I had done �everything,� including massage, acupuncture, physical therapy, and chiropractic care. I visited a number of pain and orthopedic specialists who suggested injections, possible surgery, and even a hip replacement, which was not a realistic option for me at 45 years old.

So, on the recommendation of my chiropractor, I decided to give Briah and Rolfing a try. In the beginning I was skeptical but hopeful she could help me. Initially, I did not feel relief. In fact, I wanted to tell her that it was my back that hurt and �could you rub there, please?�

My series took a little bit longer than ten sessions but I can report a miraculous transformation of my body. I have ZERO pain in my low back. It has changed my whole life. I do not worry about carrying things up the stairs. I participate in yoga and gyrotonics and live pain free, which has improved my energy and mood.

I revisit Briah yearly for a �tune-up� but have maintained my pain-free back for five years. Briah really cares about her patients and works to heal you. She has a deep understanding of the body and an attuned intuition about how to help it heal. I tell everyone about my miraculous recovery and cannot thank Briah enough for giving me my active life back. Bridget M., November 2016

Before finding my way to Briah, I had suffered from debilitating chronic pain for over eight years. I was the case that no doctor could understand. What started as �normal� back and hip pain when I was 16 progressed over the years to affect nearly every part of my body. It was like all of the muscles in my body were bound up and burning as if I was trying to make them flex at all times. I had seen at least 20 different doctors and specialists, at least ten physical therapists, and at least five chiropractors, all of which could not find a physical cause for my pain. There was never a diagnosis. The pain was so bad that I had a massage at least once a week for minor, temporary relief.

The �traditional� doctors were always searching for the one key problem that would explain all of my symptoms. But seeing as there wasn�t a broken bone or torn ligament for them to find, they could never explain anything. Physical therapists would point to weak muscles and chiropractors would point to bones that were out of alignment. The symptoms they found were real, but without addressing the whole picture, they were unable to help decrease my overall pain.

When all options of traditional western medicine had repeatedly failed, I decided to go to the Penny George Institute for Health and Healing, which referred me to Briah. Briah�s approach to unwinding tension and trauma was a new and much needed way of thinking about my pain and overall health. In addition to the physical benefits of Rolfing, Briah encouraged me to address the emotional and spiritual aspects of my health. All of these had a much larger impact on my pain level that I could have ever imagined.

The physical part of Rolfing helped to loosen up my joints and muscles and decreased my pain significantly. Partway through each session I would feel my body relax and my back would crack into place. Many of the muscles that had continuously burned before finally started to relax. My posture improved, and my overall anxiety level started to drop. The trauma of years of pain and injuries were stored in my body, and Briah�s work helped to unwind them layer-by-layer.

Because I was in such unbelievably poor shape before finding Briah, Rolfing was not the complete solution for me. I am still working with a chiropractor and physical therapist to correct muscle imbalances and put my body back into order. But Rolfing has been a key piece of the puzzle, without which I would not have been able to start on this path of healing. I highly recommend Rolfing to anybody suffering from chronic musculoskeletal pain or tension. Brandon P., December 2016

My name is Dave and I am a golf professional. Two years ago I was out on a cold Arizona morning attempting to play golf. Since I was out of shape, I ended up injuring my hamstrings.

I went to several orthopedic clinics and was advised to do physical therapy with the top therapist at each clinic with no results. I did not experience any improvement. I returned to my seasonal position in Minnesota where I am the head golf pro. At the club, I noticed my 92-year-old friend, Ruth, moving around better than I had seen in decades. She was a client of Briah Anson�s, and suggested Briah could help me.

My Rolfing sessions with Briah were beneficial in many ways. My hamstrings and my entire body improved dramatically. I now stand straight and tall with no slouching. I play golf and move much better. My now 94-year-old friend, Ruth, is playing golf better than she was 20 years ago. I was very fortunate to find a true expert in her field.

I highly recommend Briah Anson, an expert. Dave D., October 2016

I initially came for Rolfing because of damage from Rheumatoid Arthritis over a decade ago. Originally I wanted alignment help for my overall posture and help for a limp with the right foot/ankle. Plus there was a general tightness in my whole body to be relieved. Her experienced Rolfing techniques for the fascia tissues are gentle and very effective. Her advanced skills enable this deep work without producing pain.

Briah has been an excellent source of referrals to several other excellent practitioners (chiropractors, homeopaths, nutritionists, etc.). She recommends these other practitioners to complement her own treatments, and individualizes them for each patient�s issues.

Over time we have also worked on scar tissue from an elbow replacement and other RA compromised joints.

The work I have done to eliminate triggers from my diet plus the bodywork from Briah has contributed to the remission of my RA with no further progression of the disease. My immune system has seen a major improvement.

Briah has an incredible vigor for improving my well being, plus is continually researching, learning, and advancing in her profession to help all of her patients. I am so grateful for my original introduction to her practice. Sharon G., January 2017

Briah Anson is a passionate, knowledgeable and gifted Rolfer. Not only does she know how to Rolf on a human body, she pioneered the field of animal Rolfing.

Briah has a well-rounded knowledge in her profession. While Rolfing our physical body will take care of our physical issues, she also helps address patients� mental and emotional needs to help the healing process.

Her practice with Frequencies of Brilliance is a great combination of healing with Rolfing. I found it helps to open up my mental and emotional channels to help my physical body to heal.

Briah loves sharing her well-rounded knowledge and experiences with you as her client, whether it is health related or life related. She has an outstanding knowledge of health tips that can help you to take care of your body at home.

Briah also is well connected with other health care professionals who can help integrate your health care needs in multiple dimensions. Yelty K., December 2016

There is no question; Briah is a very powerful, intuitive healer. I have worked with Briah for both Rolfing and Frequencies of Brilliance energetic healing. My body holds onto a tremendous amount of stress and muscular tension, even as a well seasoned yoga practitioner. The energy work helped release a lot of negativity and tension, and it left me feeling lighter, happier, and more positive � able to tolerate my stress load effectively. The energy also aided the Rolfing as my body was less tight and Briah could work deeper into my tissues. I gained greater mobility in my chronically tense neck, shoulders, and lower back.

I�d say that the Rolfing along with Frequencies of Brilliance is a very personal experience that requires a lot of vulnerability. I can�t imagine a more supportive person to trust with my body and emotions for this type of work. I will recommend Briah again and again. Gretchen F., Registered Yoga Teacher, January 2017

My name is Richard Perry. I�m 70 years old and one of many people to realize very positive results from the work I�ve received from master Rolfer, Briah Anson.

I recently experienced a series of treatments over 12 weeks. I had been dealing with several issues including a painful imbalance in my right leg and hip causing me to limp, a compressed left shoulder, and neck pain. I always felt refreshed and centered after leaving each session and slept deeply and soundly through the night. As the series of treatments progressed, my legs and pelvis began to feel more balanced and my gait improved. Today I walk with no pain in my leg or hips, and my shoulder and neck are no longer a concern. I also sleep better, feel no need to nap, and feel more balanced physically and mentally integrated, and energized.

I would recommend Briah�s services to anyone who is dealing with sports injuries, symptoms of �aging,� overuse injuries (repetitive stress injuries), and even insomnia. Thank you Briah! Richard P., February 2017

I worked with Briah after I had been injured in a car accident. I had been struck in the back by a car while sitting outside. The impact pushed me ten feet and pinned me against a wall.

I had known Briah personally for many years, but only began Rolfing sessions with her after being referred to her by the osteopath who had been treating me for my injury for many months. The osteopath worked on very specific areas but the Rolfing by Briah extended the healing to all parts of my body. Before and after photos showed demonstrable results and those sessions accelerated my healing.

I noticed other positive things, too: I was less tense and previous sciatic issues were diminished. As a former movement artist and one who continues to use my body in movement, yoga, and fitness, having this work done was imperative to realizing full function again.

I would recommend Briah to anyone who wants to take their healing journey deeper and better integrate their body and spirit. Her gentle approach leaves a huge space to do your work. I�ll add that I also hired her to Rolf my 18-year-old dog just months before he passed. After only two sessions, he was 20% more mobile than he�d been and I know he enjoyed the comfort it gave him to his end. I�m very grateful for this, too.
Rebecca S., January 2017

CLIENT EXPERIENCE - Mothers, Babies, and Children

�Rolfing � A lifetime support for the effects of gravity and other life events�

I had the fortune to hear about Rolfing from Briah Anson in my 20�s. I had my first ten sessions from a Rolfer in Minnesota. I still remember walking to my car after one significant session thinking what a joy it is to walk! The freedom and sense of lightness is one I felt over and over with this process, which is so well-thought out in terms of the number and order of sessions. This is truly a modality developed with deep understanding of the process of movement and structure of the human body.

In my thirties I had three children during and after which Rolfing helped me retain balance and recovery after three difficult births. All three of my children were Rolfed by Briah within the first few years and in two cases few months of delivery. I can say all three of my kids are structurally sound and quite athletic as a result of Rolfing. One daughter had twisted legs and feet that were straightened out quite nicely with Rolfing. I still remember my daughter�s happiness looking at her feet and seeing that her toes were now straight.

My husband is a bike rider and ex gymnast who worked rings in college. Consequently he has had tightness in his shoulder and also upper thighs from biking. Briah helped him soften and ease the damage of repetitive strain on his body in those two areas. A painful episode of frozen shoulder was relieved greatly by Rolfing.

On into my sixties where I am now, I�m sometimes feeling the effects of gravity as I age. I moved to the same area as my dear friend, Briah. I can honestly say with the clarity of having used this method of realignment in several states by different Rolfers that the process is genius, and the most effective and strongest practitioner by far is Briah Anson. I would call her a Master Rolfer if there was a title to be given. I feel much younger than my 64 years thanks in part to the investment I have made to lift the effects of gravity and aging with Rolfing. I have recommended this process and Briah to many people over the years. Thank you so much Briah! Jan R., November 2016

Briah is a phenomenal Rolfer! I have been a client for about a year and a half and feel so lucky that I found her. Her knowledge, experience and expertise in Rolfing are unsurpassed in the many Rolfers I have seen over the years. Her instinct about what your body really needs and her ability to see the structure and alignment are amazing!

I originally saw her to try to get as healthy and ready for pregnancy as I could. She helped me straighten up my posture and work through some old injuries from so many years of sports. I really wish I had known of her back in my athlete days because I know she would have greatly improved my abilities and especially recovery times.

After a few months of her help I was ready to try this whole pregnancy thing. I was very lucky to be able to conceive quickly, even at 37 years old! I have been fortunate enough to see her almost weekly throughout my pregnancy and I think she has really been a huge part of the reason that I have had such a healthy and easy pregnancy. She can see what my body needs as it changes each week and her work creates the space in my alignment that is needed to accommodate baby. I can�t imagine going through this giant change without her assistance! I think I would have had a lot harder time, been in more pain and possibly had more complications. I leave our sessions feeling so much better, walking straighter and I know I am better prepared for the marathon of labor and delivery as well. I feel great knowing I am also passing on this gift to my child. I plan to have her Rolf the baby very soon after delivery to start it on its own healthy journey. I would highly recommend her to anyone! Carly A. P., October 2016

Both of my granddaughters have been Rolfed by Briah with remarkable results. Tyyna was Rolfed at about six months old. Although there were no chronic issues, after her Rolfing sessions she was more relaxed and well adjusted. Also, her body seemed longer, straighter and more aligned. And as she has grown, that effect has continued. Her posture has become impeccable, and she has a natural stance that is straight and tall.

My granddaughter Clara was Rolfed at about one year old. At that age, she was slightly delayed in beginning to talk or make �talking� sounds; i.e., she was very quiet and made very few vocal sounds of any type. After her first Rolfing session, she actually started becoming more vocal. It was amazing; I wouldn�t have believed it if I hadn�t seen it for myself! Thank you, Briah, for having such a profound effect on our little ones!
Joan B., Jakare Skin Care, December 2016

Briah has helped our entire family, especially my babies, because if the baby is happy, everyone is happy, especially Mama! Rolfing has done wonders for me, my posture has improved greatly and I�m more aware of it in my life. Where Briah has helped me the most is during pregnancy. I would go into my appointment with painful ligaments, barely walking. I would leave as good as new with no pain and it lasted for six weeks! Amazing!

The next best is Briah Rolfing my babies. It is so soothing with amazing, long lasting effects. It cured my daughter�s hiccups and colic. My babies that were Rolfed were our most calm, peaceful babies and I know it was from Rolfing. Angela, Mom of Four, January 2017

Jovie was born with Metatarsus Adductus. The front of both feet angled inward. Jovie�s legs and feet were checked at her scheduled appointments to monitor any improvements. When she was one year old, she was prescribed corrective shoes. She wore them constantly for three months with no improvement. We did a lot of research and found our way to Briah Anson.

We had heard she was the best. We took Jovie to her first appointment a few months after her first birthday. Since then Jovie has been Rolfed once every two months. Jovie will be three years old in a couple months.

One year later we came across a video of Jovie walking before Rolfing. We could not believe how much Rolfing had actually worked. Her legs are completely straight. Other things we noticed is she walks and runs without falling. We have noticed after each appointment an increase in brain development. Jovie has an exceptional ability to reason and learn. She has a large vocabulary for her age. She has a strong memory. Jovie is a very confident little girl. She is full of life, and has lots of energy. We will continue with Jovie�s Rolfing appointments throughout her life. Donna and Andy for Jovie, December 2016

Briah is a healer. She�s incredibly talented, practiced and knowledgeable. I first went to her to help ease the pain in my back after having two children. As a yoga teacher, I have an understanding of the body and anatomy, and sought out Rolfing as a remedy for my whole structure, not simply zero-in on the site of the pain. Within the first couple of sessions of my ten series, my back pain had entirely gone away. As my body came into alignment, I felt taller and taller. In fact, I did grow an inch!

What was even more amazing than my physical alignment was how Rolfing affected other aspects of my life. In yoga, we understand that when the physical body is aligned, energy and blood can flow, and one�s whole being, one�s physical, mental and emotional bodies are improved. I left each session progressively more confident, emotionally stable, and had great mental clarity. In short, I felt ready to take on the world.

My husband has always experienced back and knee pain, and after I experienced such rapid pain relief, I recommended that he go to Briah as well. To be honest, my husband doesn�t like bodywork and I had to do some work to convince him to go. He was very happy that he did. His posture changed immensely, correcting his slumping shoulders and his bowed legs.

As I alluded to earlier, Briah�s work not only affects one�s physical alignment and health; it brings about change in one�s whole life. In the time that my husband and I were seeing Briah, we made some major changes in our lives. Both of us changed jobs. My husband even sold his business of over 10 years in order to pursue new dreams, and we decided to move across the country to New England. It is my belief that Rolfing helped both of us feel strong enough to welcome big changes in our lives.

I also have a four-year-old son who, due to multiple health concerns, has seen many doctors since the day he was born. He was born prematurely, experienced stress in utero, and has undergone many surgeries in his four years. He has held that stress within his body, and his muscles are tightly wound. Briah�s touch helped ease his muscles and connective tissue, and she worked on releasing scar tissue caused by his surgeries. As with my husband and myself, there were more than physical changes in my son. He has always been somewhat anxious, and tends toward hyperactivity. After sessions with Briah, he was more calm and confident.

Briah became a body worker for our whole family. She has an incredible breadth of knowledge. Not just of Rolfing, but of many alternative healing practices, and she knows where to direct her clients for more help if needed. Since my experience, I have recommended Briah to many of my friends, and all have been very pleased with her work. Rolfing is absolutely life changing, and I am forever grateful for the work that Briah has done for me, my husband, and for my sweet, little (and now thriving!) son. Anna C., Experienced-Registered Yoga Teacher, March 2017

Briah gave me my life back. When I first came to Briah, I was struggling physically, emotionally, and mentally. After being a full time caregiver 24/7 for several years straight, carrying a full term twin pregnancy, and the death of my daughter, I was exhausted, depleted, frequently sick, and my entire body hurt. After a summer of weekly sessions with Briah, I no longer hurt. My posture and range of motion was significantly improved. I had energy, vitality, joy, health, and I wanted to live again.

After my experience, my husband and several of our children went through the Rolfing ten series with Briah. I observed better alignment and posture in the children. They also became steadier emotionally, developed better concentration, and moved more freely. I felt the bodywork helped them integrate the loss of their sister. A couple of them have read some of Briah�s books, and they talk about being Rolfers when they grow up so they can help people like Briah helped them.

As a yoga therapist who also uses massage, acupuncture, and homeopathy and practices yoga, somatics and qigong for self-care, my experience shows that Rolfing is a unique and effective healing tool. If you feel stuck in your body, emotions, mind, soul, or spirit, Rolfing can help you get unstuck, improving your health and functioning. Because it works with body tissue at varying levels of depth, it is a great tool for somatic awareness and interoception. And -- it feels really good! Dee C., December 2016


One of Briah's passions is healing. She has helped me immensely to improve my health over the last 10 years. She is very skilled in understanding the energy of the body and how to use Rolfing (structural integration), Frequencies of Brilliance (energetic body healing work), and the Bemer technology. My posture and body alignment are vastly improved and I am sleeping better. I believe I am healing at deep levels.

She also is a delightful woman. She exudes optimism, humor, and courage, and possesses boundless energy and personal strength. I look forward to my appointments that also help to "adjust my attitude."
Mary E. Brekke, Ph.D., RN, AHN-BC, November 2016

Rolfing has changed my life. In June of 2012, I received left hip replacement surgery due to severe joint arthritis. For the next 12 months, I lived with severe, chronic pain, despite being told my surgery was successful. I used physical therapy, pool therapy, massage therapy, acupuncture; nothing helped. Then I sought opinions from two orthopedic surgeons from two different groups. I was advised I needed spinal surgery on the L4 that included a rod and pins but that I was too old (93) to be a candidate. Discouraged, sleepdeprived, losing weight, I didn�t know what to do.

At that time a friend who lived in Naples, Florida, told me about Rolfing. She had a similar experience after hip surgery and told me how much Rolfing had helped her. Promptly she mailed me a list of Rolfers who lived in the Twin Cities. That is how I discovered Rolfing and Briah Anson, who changed my life.

At my first treatment I discovered we both loved to play golf. Briah told me she would have me playing golf in three weeks and she did! It was June of 2014, about a year after my surgery. That summer I was able to play with the �18 holers� at my club, compete again, and best of all the chronic pain was gone. Many friends in different groups approached me to ask what I was doing that my health was so improved. Many of them were introduced to Rolfing, to Briah, and all of them had the same amazing results.

Now when I feel too much discomfort, I return to Briah for some Rolfing. Because of her I am looking forward to another season of golf, playing 18 holes at least three times a week plus some practicing and continuing with the �18 holers� and our tournaments.

Does Rolfing help? In our women�s guest tournament for 18 holers in August of 2016, my foursome, including Briah, won second place. In June of 2017, at age 95, I am looking forward to another season of golf. Of course my handicap has gone up. The important thing is that I am not handicapped with pain thanks to Rolfing and Briah Anson. She is an incredible, advanced therapist as well as an awesome person, a true blessing in my life. Ruth G., January 2017

Briah, I just wanted to thank you for the healing services you have provided for my 93-year-old father, William, and my 13-year-old Giant Schnauzer, Boomer. Let me start with my dad.

At 93 years of age, my father, William Helms, was experiencing lower back pain and wearing a large back brace to make walking easier. I was concerned that although the back brace provided some relief from his pain, it was also causing him to become weaker as his muscles became more and more dependent on the brace.

After ten Rolfing sessions with you, my dad has experienced so many benefits. First of all, he ditched the back brace and is walking very well without it. That, in and of itself is priceless. His balance is better; he walks faster and more upright. We all have also observed that his mind is much sharper, his speech is clear, and he is not repeating himself (which is something we had been noticing for quite some time.) He has more zest for life and is happier. You had such a wonderful rapport with him, as he can be a bit cynical.

I cannot tell you how grateful we are to you, Briah! As I like to tell my dad, there are not many people his age who are moving in such a positive direction. He will be going to Hawaii this December for a tropical holiday season with all of us. There are no words to fully express what it means to have him with us and to see him so full of life. We lost my mom many years ago and to still have my Dad around in such great shape is truly a blessing beyond measure. Thank you, thank you my dear Briah! I would strongly encourage anyone seeking healing to contact you.

Now, on to Boomer: Boomer is a 100-pound elderly Giant Schnauzer of 13 years. Boomer has had several Rolfing sessions and adores you. Boomer broke his foot several years ago and it did not heal properly. Sadly there was no surgery to correct his situation. He also has two toes missing from the same foot. He has learned to walk primarily on three legs but it has taken a toll. Before seeing you, Boomer was to the point where he could no longer jump on the bed and his usual zest for life was diminished. He spent his days sleeping and was hardly aware of our presence. Since his sessions with you, the old, enthusiastic Boomer is back. He is able to jump on the bed and it is obvious his pain is diminished. He now greets us at the door and is very much up and around his family.

What a gift it has been! There was nothing left that veterinary medicine could offer him other than pain medication. Briah, you truly have been an answer to prayers for our Beloved Boomer! traighter and I know I am better prepared for the marathon of labor and delivery as well. Barb H., November 2016

My Rolfing experience with Briah Anson has been life altering in many ways. The main benefit is being able to cope with the physical ailments that became more persistent as I entered my 60�s.

I was 63 years old when I was introduced to Rolfing. I had always been a fairly fit person but I had never been involved with structured exercise programs. As I approached 60, I had several injuries that were quite minor yet affected my mobility and comfort in addition to my fitness level.

I started working with an experienced Pilates instructor/personal trainer. It was quite difficult for me to learn how to achieve the right position and postures for the exercises. I had developed poor posture and had a bad gait. I had lower back issues, neck pain, and I walked on the outer edges of my feet (supination). My shoulders were hunched. My trainer had to constantly remind me how to hold the correct posture for the exercises.

Despite the trainer�s best efforts, I kept aggravating various joints and muscles. Finally, after injuring a hamstring in a rather painful way, it was suggested that I try Rolfing. Another client at the Pilates studio who had been a client of Briah�s recommended Briah.

Rolfing turned out to be the key to healing and preparing my body to function with more ease and less pain. I can�t really describe the specifics of the Rolfing process I experienced. I can say only that it changed how I stand and walk. Rolfing has enabled me to progress with Pilates and other strength and flexibility efforts. I am convinced that Rolfing has allowed me to continue an active lifestyle with greater mobility. It has been my best anti-aging tool. Becky E., January 2017

CLIENT EXPERIENCE - Health Care Professionals

My name is Dr. Jason Wilson and I have been practicing Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Nutritional therapies, Physical therapies, and Energy medicine for 20 years this year (2016). I have reviewed hundreds of therapies and protocols over those years always looking for new approaches to help improve the outcomes of my patients. Some of the protocols and therapies that I�ve come across have been very helpful and many fall short of their claims. One healing art or should I say, healing �artist�, deserves special notice.

Eight years ago I finally met my first Rolfer and her name is Briah Anson. Briah introduced me to the Art of Rolfing and the benefits that it provides to the individuals who enlist these protocols as part of their healing regimen. I�ve seen and treated close to a hundred patients that have received the benefits of Rolfing. I won�t spend time describing the process of Rolfing, as a Rolfer best describes that, but I�ll share some of the benefits that some of my patients have received.

Bridgette is a patient of mine who suffered chronic low back pain everyday as well as unrelenting left shoulder and neck pain. We were able to relieve a lot of the pain but never was the pain ever gone for more than two weeks and even at that she was often reminded of the pain with certain motions and positions she was in during those periods of relief. After just four treatments with Briah, she was feeling levels of relief that she was unfamiliar with. It has been three years now and Bridgette still lives mostly pain free.

Brandon was a young man who came to my office with reports of seeking care at over 20 different practitioners, which included multiple Chiropractors, PT�s, orthopedists, and massage therapists. Briah was the first Rolfer he ever consulted and treated with for the insufferable low back pain that he lived with since he was 16 years old. For the first time in nine years he reported to me that he felt relief and hope after a series of treatments with Briah.

These reports are representative of all the cases I have seen from Briah. She is talented, observant, caring, and a naturally gifted healer. I can�t speak for this level of results from just any Rolfer, but from Briah, I would assure my closest friends and family that they would not be disappointed. Briah takes pride in the service she provides and gives 100 percent of herself during your treatments. If you are looking for someone to help you start down the road of healing, I would start right here. Dr. Jason J. Wilson, D.C., Minnesota Pain Relief and Wellness Institute, November 2016

We in the Twin Cities are very fortunate that Briah Anson lives and works here. I consider her the top Rolfer in North America. Not only does she have the wisdom and experience that comes of nearly four decades in practice, she is the person who gets results when it really matters. While Rolfing addresses issues of postural change, Briah�s work helps lift serious disease.

We don�t think of Rolfing as a treatment for autoimmune and neurological illnesses, yet Briah helps people with Multiple Sclerosis, Autism, Scleroderma, and more. I also refer people to her with severe scoliosis, Spina Bifida, degenerative joint conditions and spinal stenosis. She is an expert in non-surgical orthopedic intervention.

As a homeopathic practitioner, I work with people with debilitating conditions like asthma and ulcerative colitis. They get well much more quickly when Briah works with them. Briah�s work increases vitality and helps immune issues in general. Her ability to integrate the practices of Rolfing, scar tissue release, and energetic healing make her a unique healer. She can do for people in ten sessions what can�t be accomplished by other practitioners in 40.

Briah is deeply interested in whoever walks into her clinic. She isn�t overwhelmed by anyone�s problems and limitations, and she will do whatever it takes to help them get well.

I appreciate that Briah is a highly regarded professional in the larger world of health and healing. She has the respect of physicians and other professionals, and is practiced in coordinating care with them so each individual gets exactly what he/she needs.

Briah also works �miracles� with healthy people who want to optimize their performance. These include runners, cyclists, golfers, and professional athletes. She can understand within minutes what needs to change in how a person moves and help them correct it.

I have referred hundreds of clients to Briah over the last 35 years with the greatest of confidence simply because she gets outstanding results. Valerie Ohanian, Founder and Dean Emeritus, Northwestern Academy of Homeopathy, December 2016

I have had the pleasure of being Rolfed by Briah Anson. The series of ten sessions tookme through some profound changes.

I inherited a very crooked spine and it has been remarkable to see the changes in my posture. My shoulders dropped inches, my legs became less bowed, and my posture is much straighter and has less tension. I am able to breathe more deeply.

Another area that was an issue is my ankles. They have degenerated due to multiple sprains earlier in my life. As Briah worked on my legs to release the tightness in my ankles, I experienced more flexibility and less pain.

I refer people to Briah with no hesitation. Carol Hume, L. Ac., December 2016

Briah has been helping my body achieve better posture and performance. Neck tension and headaches reduce for me and my squatting exercises become more efficient with Rolfing sessions. As a local St. Paul chiropractor, I look forward to my appointments with her to correct my posture and create �lightness� for my body after a long physical week of adjusting patients. I have referred patients to her as I find chiropractic and Rolfing together can create better posture and function for St. Paul community members.
Dr. Kayla Zirpel-Proctor, Chiropractor, March 2017

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