"Rolfing is a wonderful gift to give your child. It provides the opportunity to grow and develop in an open and balanced way."
~ Charlotte O'Hara - Mother of four Rolfed children

This compelling video features excerpts of the Rolfing sessions of six children, under the age of four, woven together with interviews of their parents.

This video will assist you in:
• Promoting the Rolfing of children
• Helping parents, health practitioners and the general public understand the value of Rolfing every child early in life,
• Giving a greater understanding of what Rolfing is and its important role in healthy, balanced growth and

An informative sixteen-page booklet comes with the video.

It answers such questions as:
• Who is Ida P. Rolf, Ph.D.?
• What is Rolfing?
• Why Rolf children?

It also gives a succinct summary of “Research and Rolfing.”

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