"Any animal suffereing from movement limitations that result from age, injury,
disease or surgery can benefit from Rolfing"
~ From Article: Rolfing Rover, Natural Remedies, Jan. 1998

Why Rolf Animals?

Rolfing has become ever more popular for animals in the last several years, as pet owners who’ve been Rolfed successfully bring their ailing animals back for treatment.

Any animal that is suffering from stiffness, pain, gait problems and other movement limitations that results from injury, disease, surgery, trauma, abuse, old age, or even behavior problems can benefit from a Rolfing session. Rolfing can also be done as a preventive measure when animals are young to lay the foundation for a long and healthy life, and as a regular part of training to give performance animals (show and racehorses, show dogs and working, hunting and agility dogs) an extra edge.

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