Rolfing Movement Integration, R.M.I., based on the principles of Rolfing, promotes efficiency in movement and a greater sense of self-awareness. RMI teachers use imagery, breath-work and light touch to explore movement patterns and to open up new options for free, balanced movement.

Is a system of movement education based on the concepts developed by Ida P. Rolf, Ph.D. Rolfing Movement Integration focuses on developing balance and support for action in the gravitational field, on learning to move harmoniously with gravity, and on evoking an open and responsive body in which inner strength and centeredness can be chosen instead of outer tension and armoring.

Rolfing Movement Integration is framed in the principles of Rolfing and their translation into function. A fundamental value of RMI is the significance of the client’s full participation and responsiveness to the goals of their Rolfing process.

In a series of RMI sessions, client and practitioner come together to understand the client’s present movement patterns. The results of Rolfing RMI are increased grace, ease and efficiency of movement, a more powerful sense of self, and often the release of physical stress caused by gravity-resistant movement patterns.

The ways that RMI can be used is by integrating functional work with a structural session, appropriately place functional sessions within a structural series, or give a functional series independent of structural work.

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