“A much needed addition to the literature for understanding ourselves.”

~ Anne Wilson-Schaef, Ph.D.

Rolfing: Stories of Personal Empowerment captures a side of Rolfing that, until now, has been virtually ignored. The voices of eighty-five people whose lives have been transformed by the Rolfing process echo through the pages of this book. These first-person accounts, from babies to octogenarians, provide a unique insight into the immediate healing powers of Rolfing, its part in creating long-term wellness and its place in the continuum of the mind-body connection.

As she states in the forward, Briah has directed her book at “people who had exhausted their search for wellness in the traditional medical fields or individuals who had moved beyond the search for curing the symptom to a broader meaning of wellness in their lives. Without exception, the common denominator was people wanting to alleviate their suffering.”


“Briah Anson’s book and insights once again confirm that all healing ultimately occurs at the level of consciousness. Healing involved the restoration of the memory of wholeness. For anyone interested in an approach that is more than a symptomatic magic bullet, Briah’s work will open up a new world.” ~ Deepak Chopra, M.D., Author of ‘Unconditional Life’, ‘Perfect Health’, ‘Quantum Healing’, ‘Ageless Body, Timeless Mind’.

“There is one major reason to take Rolfing seriously: it works. Not only can it dramatically change peoples’ bodies, it can transform their lives as well. The verdict from these stories: Rolfing is powerful stuff. This book should carry a warning label: READ WITH CARE: THIS COULD CHANGE YOUR LIFE!” ~ Larry Sossey, M.D., Author, Author of ‘Meaning and Medicine’, ‘Recovering The Soul’, ‘Space, Time and Medicine’.

“Yes, it’s true that Rolfing improved my walk, and my posture and I’m grateful. But that’s nothing to the way it re-aligned me emotionally. Briah’s wonderful book, written mostly in the actual words of her Rolfing clients, will solve the mystery of how Rolfing can help you to reassemble your body...and maybe, your life.” ~ Nancy Pickard, Novelist-Mystery Writer of ‘I.O.U.’

“Briah Anson presents concrete evidence that the technique of Rolfing expands the dimensions of thought. It empowers us to tap into our full mental and physical potential ~ to extend life and improve its quality. We are given the ability to change and adapt our entire structure and movement into bio-mechanically efficient patterns. Briah documents that Rolfing is powerful in its simplicity and universal in its application.”~ Helen James, M.A., P.T., Professor Emerita of Physical Therapy, Advanced Certified Rolfer


1. Mothers, Babies and Children
2. Teenagers Tell Their Stories
3. Mothers Discuss How Rolfing Affected the Whole Family
4. Is Rolfing Too Late When You're Over Fifty?
5. Learning to Ask for Help
6. In Search of Wholeness
7. Rolfing and Chronic Pain
8. Rolfing and TMJ
9. Health Professionals and Their Personal Stories
10. How Can Rolfing Help People Release Problems
Stemming from Physical and Sexual Abuse?
11. Rolfing and Recovery
12. Performing Artists and Other Creative People
13. Can Rolfing Enhance Athletic Peformance?
14. Can Rolfing Help Rehabilitate Injured Animals?
15. Putting It Together: The Body/Mind Connection
16. Your Personal Rolfing Journey

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